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KSAFC 2018 Conference Presenter (Saturday)

We are excited to announce that Ghada Wahdan will be our presenter on Saturday October 27, 2018. Ms. Wahdan comes highly recommended from Kansas fire service members who have experienced her presentations. With recent events around Kansas and the nation we invite you to register for the conference and will see you there. Ms. Wahdan's background and presentation information follow.

Ms. Wahdan has been a member of the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC) since 2010. She obtained her MA in Criminology from Regis University in 2012 and holds a BS in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Ms. Wahdan is an American-Arab, born and raised in Kuwait for fourteen years. She gained a tremendous understanding of the radicalization process and the ideology that exists in the Middle East while being exposed to religious, cultural and governmental differences in the region. Her Palestinian Sunni Muslim family immigrated to Colorado a few years before Desert Storm. She is fluent in Arabic in ten different dialects.

Ms. Wahdan is currently a Counterterrorism Intelligence Analyst for the CIAC and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on international terrorism. She has been instrumental in gathering intelligence on international threats, providing monthly classified secret briefs, and creating strategic intelligence products to inform partners of international threats and possible implications to global and U.S. homeland security.

Her strategic intelligence products are distributed across the nation, with two documents requested internationally. These documents have received positive feedback and requests for further distribution. Her training and outreach included over 20 states, approximately 700 agencies from federal, state and local level, and more than 8,500 professionals in law enforcement and emergency management. 

The presentation is intended to provide an introduction to the radical ideology that exists in the Middle East and its nexus to terrorism, to include an understanding of radical Islam, sectarian division, Shari'a law, the ideology of Jihad in Islam and the global influence, regional control of the Islamic State in Iraq and Al Shaam (ISIS), and current unrest in Europe. 

The presentation will also explore the underlying ideology, leadership, structure, and funding of certain Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) and radical groups, such as ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Lastly, the presentation will examine the radicalization process for both domestic and foreign-born extremists, and how propaganda, social media and other non-traditional forms of messaging are influencing the next generation of terrorists specifically women and children.

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